CTP Consultant

Mark S.

They have a fantastic ability to secure incredible talent and ultimately oversee the assembly of high performance project teams that adhere to project schedules and deliver high quality work at a reasonable cost. They brought me into a great project with a large pharma company and continued to be my advocate throughout the duration of the project. I would recommend them to both job seekers and hiring managers.

Carrie D.

They are an excellent company to work with and they have strong client/employee relationship skills. While I was consulting on a large project at Caremark, They kept in touch and always made sure the consultants in the field knew what was going on in the home office and in the industry. They would be an asset to any company.

Chris G.

I worked with them for over a year and a half. The project that I was on grew from its infancy/bootstrap size to over 25 people at its height. They were responsible for recruiting the members of that team, and I must say that they kept it well-fed with strong, self-starters. It was an ambitious project developed under an aggressive deadline, and we did have an occasional burn-out. In each case, they were able to capably fill the void on short notice.  They obviously maintain good relationships with not just their own consultants, but also their network of other professionals in the Information Technology business.

Lloyd L.

They were my employer when I was hired to do contract work for a “major financial firm”. During my time with them, they were always there to provide advice or answer any questions that I might have. They also followed up on me and the other consultants on a regular basis at our client’s headquarters to see how our projects were coming along and if had any concerns. Since then I have been hired as a full time employee here, but I still maintain contact with them. It has been a pleasure to have worked with them. Their knowledge and desire to help out me and my colleagues makes them a great company to work with.