Why people choose us

Why people choose us

In today’s marketplace many companies face great difficulty in finding and hiring qualified and reliable technology professionals. We help you overcome these obstacles by identifying the right people and delivering them. You’ll save time in recruiting, and gain peace of mind knowing that experienced recruiters are the ones finding your employees and contractors.

-A personal approach.

In an world increasingly dominated by mouse clicks and computer based matching, we get back to the basics of recruiting- Focused recruiting featuring a personal touch with candidates. This enables us to fill even the most difficult orders – orders that many agencies shy away from. Focused recruiting also means that you do not receive a deluge of resumes. Instead you receive only the best of those that meet your specific criteria.

-Delivery of the right candidates.

The top candidates in the market are always highly sought after. Through relationship building with clients we gain insight about their workplace and requirements. This enables matching of candidates on more than just a technical basis. The result is an effective tool in selling your opportunity to the candidates because the match is that much greater. Matching across many dimensions also reduces the likelihood of employee turnover. With all of this we offer competitive guarantees and rates.

-Current market conditions knowledge

Daily contact with clients and candidates permits us to provide clients with up-to-date information on industry issues such as competitive salaries, rate roles and hiring trends.